School of Engineering Departments

Fellowships and Scholarships

The School of Engineering offers scholarships to students who are majoring in one of the eight bachelor's degree programs. Awards are available for entering engineering freshmen and transfer students ranging from $8,000-$24,000 ($2,000-$6,000 per year for four years).

Like most academic-based awards, engineering scholarships are competitive. Each scholarship applicant will be ranked by academic merit. For freshmen applicants primary weighting will be placed on the student's high school GPA, ACT/SAT composite score, and ACT/SAT math score. For transfer applicants, primary weighting will be placed upon the students transfer GPA and transcript. Admitted students may apply for the engineering scholarships by completing the University of Mississippi online Special Programs and Scholarship Application. The deadline for application to engineering scholarships is February 15th of the year prior to enrollment.

Engineering scholarships can be granted in addition to other university awards based on a student's eligibility. For more information on university scholarships, please contact The University of Mississippi Department of Financial Aid at 800-891-4596, or

The School of Engineering scholarship program is made possible through the support of generous alumni and friends.