• Researching flood risk with water seepage under levees
    Levees are Leaking

    Geologist and analytical chemist lead study of levee seepage to find flood risk.

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man

    University of Mississippi alumnus Markeeva Morgan discusses his role at NASA with engineering students during a lunch meeting.

  • Togolese claimed that this is the strongest building
    Making a Difference

    Togolese volunteers workers from the Hedome Village claim this is the strongest building they have ever seen.

  • Student and professor pour water over wood
    Flood of Knowledge

    A civil engineering student conducts a soil erosion test for a New Orleans floodwall project with Dr Song.

  • Civil Engineering students stay afloat in concrete canoe
    Concrete Canoe

    Civil Engineering students stay afloat in concrete canoe.

  • Professors looking at device
    Breaking the Stutter

    University of Mississippi professors Greg Snyder (left), Paul Goggans and Dwight Waddell conduct tests on a prototype of the prosthetic device they created to help people who stutter speak more fluently.

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