• Chase Cromwell hammering away on a beach
    Earth-Shaking Research

    Geology graduate student Chase Cromwell is part of a NCPA research group studying Rayleigh wave properties, which may lead to IED detection devices.

  • Guy in a lab coat looking at tubing
    Carbon Copy

    Graduate Research Assistant Chris Douglas conducting oxidation experiment on graphene material.

  • Students look at a banana powered piano
    Banana Piano

    Touching one of the bananas completes an electrical circuit so the laptop computer plays a particular note associated with that banana.

  • Togo - Students in front of Finished Classroom
    Work Well Done

    Civil Engineering Students stand in front of their finished building in Togo

  • Engineering students studying for tests
    Cracking Books

    Engineering students study in Brevard Hall for their upcoming tests.

  • Student smiling while studying at the table
    Study Time

    Student lounge area provides space to spread out and prepare for exams.

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