Project Posters

Potential Collaborative Projects

  • Composite material modeling (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Experimental verification (School of Engineering, NCPA, companies)
  • Model reduction methods (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Impacting flexible structures (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, companies)
  • Coupled motion (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, companies)

External Grants

  • NCITEC Program, $404,384 / 1.5 years, "Three Integrated Projects to Enhance Non-Contact Rail Inspection Technology for Application to Substructure Health Evaluation on Both Rail and Road Bridges," Civil Engineering and NCPA Project Data Sheet , Project Video
  • National Science Foundation, BRIGE Program, $139,090 / 2 years, "Infrastructure Health Evaluation via Experimental Techniques"
  • Defense Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP), $119,370, "Univ. of Mississippi's Research and Education in Dynamics through High-speed Photography"
  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Curriculum Grant, $36,869, "Introduction to Nuclear Engineering"
  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Powe Junior Faculty Award, $10,000

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