School of Engineering Departments

Your Critical Path to Commencement

You're an Engineer, you know what to do!


Consider joining Engineering Leadership (ENGR 400) to interact with and meet engineering professionals


Prepare your resume, cover letters, and identify possible job opportunities. Register with Career Center (Employ UM software).
Run a Degree Audit to evaluate trouble spots in coursework. Make plans for FE or ASBOG Exam if applicable.
Prepare for and attend the Engineering Career Fair:


See your academic advisor to discuss remaining course requirements. Pre-registration for Spring begins in late October.
Prepare your degree application to present during advising.


Give thanks, you are almost there.
Update personal contact information in MyOleMiss (permanent mailing address, phone numbers, etc.)


How is your GPA? If possible submit any grade forgiveness declarations to the Registrar's Office:
If pursuing a minor, be sure to declare this on your degree application and verify all required coursework.


Winter-session may be useful for an elective Liberal Arts course if you still need one. Also consider CLEP exams for an elective.
Use the holiday break to look for jobs in your area, submit on-line applications, update Linkedin, clean up Facebook, begin to network with friends and connections.


Diploma applications due (diploma application is authorized by Dean's Office in myOleMiss after your degree application is approved by your department)
Spring Career Fair held in February


Go to Career Center for practice/mock interviews if needed.
Attend Grad Fair in the Union. Use Spring Break for serious job search/interviews/follow-up. Visit prospective cities, companies, contacts in the business world.
Order Graduation invitations and your cap & gown.


Do you have Latin Honors, awards? Compile these for your graduation script to be read by your department chair.
Do you have a Bursar balance? Take care of that so your diploma will not be held up.


Pick up rented cap & gown, prepare graduation script as part of your senior survey

Graduation Day! Get here early. Wear comfortable shoes, leave the apartment early, thank your parents, family, and teachers.

You could not have done this alone.