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Engineering Student Body Tutoring Program
Student Tutoring Jobs

Students who would like to become engineering tutors may contact Oana Najjar, Tutoring Coordinator, at Potential tutors should possess a strong background in STEM courses. We are particularly looking to hire students who have finished the Calculus series (Calculus I, II, III, and IV) and have the adequate knowledge. Tutors should also possess great communication skills. All potential candidates for tutoring positions should remember that there is a difference between understanding the material and explaining it to peers.

Please note that all students who are hired as tutors must file the needed paperwork with the Ole Miss Human Resources (HR) department here. Failing to submit the needed paperwork to HR will delay your payment.

Every two weeks, upon the ending of each pay-period, students will need to submit their time-sheet (showing the total hours of tutoring) to the tutoring coordinator.