School of Engineering Departments

Engineering Tutoring
Math Tutoring
Free for Engineering Students

10am-7pm M-Th
10am-2pm F

J.D. Williams Library
Commons (map)

ENGR Sessions
Free for Engineering Students

5pm-6:30pm T,W

Brevard Hall Woods Lounge
Brevard Hall 122 (look for signs)

Paid Tutoring
  • Request a tutor
  • Coordinate location with tutor
  • Sign a payment charge form at the end of each tutoring session
  • Bursar account will be billed directly
Computer Science Tutoring
Free for CS majors or if taking a CS course

1pm-5pm Su
12pm-7pm M,W
1pm-5pm T,Th
2:15pm-4:15pm F

Weir Hall 223

Physics Tutoring
Free if taking a Physics or Astronomy course

11am-4pm M
12pm-5pm T
11am-5pm W
10am-11am, 1pm-3pm, 4pm-5pm Th
11am-5pm F

Lewis Hall 104
Lewis Hall 103A

Preparing for a tutoring session
students sitting around a table studying

Our tutors are here to help you better understand topics and to answer questions that you may have about certain subjects, not to re-teach the course material. Our tutors are proficient in the courses that they tutor, but they are also students, not professors, and may not be able to answer every question. It is advised that you refer advanced questions to your course instructor. S/he is the best resource when it comes to clarifying advanced concepts.

To get the most out of a tutoring session:

The tutor will help you understand the material, but don't expect that this means doing your homework, working on your assignment, or helping with your take-home exam. Engagements with the tutor are subject to the Student Academic Conduct and Discipline Policy.


Oana Najjar
Tutoring Coordinator
Brevard Hall 204

Office Hours: 8am-12:30pm M-F