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Cooperative Education

David Rozier, Chemical Engineering
ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge, LA

Cooperative education provides students with the unique opportunity of working in a professional capacity for several months during their tenure as an undergraduate student. Students are well compensated for their work and they gain relevant engineering experience to add to their resumes.

Co-op participants retain full-time student status, and any financial aid or scholarships are put on hold. School of Engineering representatives visit co-op students on site to evaluate student progress and meet with on-site supervisors regularly. Co-op work experience appears on the student’s official college transcript. In addition to building professional relationships, co-op participation often lead to offers for full time employment after graduation.

What our students say about co-op

Srijana Panta, Mechanical Engineering
Hunter Engineering in Raymond, MS
“Co-op gives you up to a year’s worth of engineering experience under the supervision of an engineer. It also provides a competitive salary to help pay college expenses. Participating in a co-op is an opportunity for a break from the routine of classes while reinforcing academic knowledge.”
Jeremy Schneider, Chemical Engineering
Co-op with DuPont Nutrition and Health in Memphis, TN
“Co-op provides work experience that looks excellent on your resume, builds confidence for going forward in your career, provides a financial benefit, and cultivates skills that cannot necessarily be taught in school.”
Olivia Lanum, Mechanical Engineering
Tesla, Inc. in Sparks, NV
“This co-op has been a once in a life time opportunity. I have worked on cool projects for brand new products and have learned so much about working with a team and applying technical knowledge. I've lived all over the country, met amazing people, and worked on incredible projects.”

Where our students had Co-op Experiences

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