Gary Sisco (CE)

The company provides business consulting, government relations, and real estate services. We have investments in privately held companies in many of the LinkedIn industries.

While Secretary of the United States Senate, he was responsible, on behalf of the Senate, for authorizing, funding, planning, and developing the Capitol Visitor's Center. The CVC is a three story structure under the plaza of the East Front of the Capitol which opened in December of 2008. It more than doubled the size of the U. S. Capitol Building.

Since leaving the Senate, Gary consulted with the Chairman and CEO of the Freedom Forum on its new, $450 million building at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. The building is occupied by the Freedom Forum offices, and is the home of The Newseum which opened in April of 2008. He was a consultant throughout the seven year development period on decisions ranging from initial site selection through the opening of the Newseum, the Newseum Residences, and Wolfgang Puck's The Source Restaurant.