Chris Patterson (ME)

Chris Patterson is currently the Director of Marketing for the Thoracolumbar Degenerative Therapy Group at Medtronic Spinal in Memphis, TN. He is responsible for global strategy, pipeline development and commercialization of degenerative spinal therapies with revenues in excess of $800M annually.

Prior to this role, Chris was the Director of Product Development for the Thoracolumbar Deformity Therapy Group and spent over 10 years in the development of spinal implants at Medtronic. His global R&D responsibilities included design, development and support of implant and instrument systems used to correct spinal deformities, tumor/trauma and degenerative conditions in both open and minimally invasive approaches.

His team’s most successful product release was the CD HORIZON® SOLERA™ Spinal System which has become Medtronic’s flagship posterior fixation system with sales in excess of $500M annually. He has co-authored multiple biomechanical and product papers that have been presented at society meetings such as AANS and CNS. Chris has been granted 14 US patents and has over 15 patent applications still pending review. He was also a recipient of Medtronic’s prestigious Technical Contributor of the Year award in 2006 for his contributions to advancements in biomedical engineering.

In 2013, Chris received his Lean Sigma/DRM Green Belt Certification as well as received the Medtronic Infinity Award presented to teams that achieved operational excellence. Chris received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mississippi. He spent 6 years designing HVAC systems in the automotive industry prior to joining the medical device industry. Chris currently resides in Olive Branch, MS where he enjoys watching college football, spending time with his family and supporting his kids at their horseback riding competitions.