Contact Information

Dr. Alexander Lopez
Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Mississippi

134 Anderson Hall
University, MS 38677-1848



  • Ph.D, Chemical Engineering
    University of Arkansas, May 2015
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering
    University of Arkansas, May 2011


  • Post-doctoral Research Associate. University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. (2015-2016)
  • Research Associate. Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, Energy Systems Division. (2014)
  • Research Assistant. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Department of Chemical Engineering. (2011-2015)

Research Interests

  • Membrane Separations
  • Materials Science
  • Water Desalination and Wastewater Reclamation
  • Energy Production and Storage

Recent Publications

  • Cowan, M.G., Lopez, A.M., Masuda, M. Kohno, Y., McDanel, W.M., Noble, R.D., Gin, D.L. "Imidazolium-based poly(ionic liquid)/ionic liquid ion-gels with high ionic conductivity prepared from a curable poly(ionic liquid)" Macromolecular Rapid Communications. (2016). 37, 1150-1154.
  • Lopez, A.M., Dunsworth, H., Hestekin, J.A. "Reduction of the Shadow Spacer Effect using Reverse Electrodeionization and its Applications in Water Recycling for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations" Separation and Purification Technology. (2016). 162, 84-90.
  • Lopez, A.M., Hestekin, J.A. "Improved Organic Acid Purification through Wafer Enhanced Electrodeionization Utilizing Ionic Liquids" Journal of Membrane Science. (2015). 493, 200-205.
  • Hestekin, J.A., Lopez, A.M., Clausen, E.C., Potts, T.M. "BioButanol: An Important Biofuel and Bioproduct" Applications of Microbial Engineering. (2013). 450-479
  • Lopez, A.M., Hestekin, J.A. "Separation of Organic Acids from Water using Ionic Liquid Assisted Electrodialysis & Bipolar Electrodialysis" Separation and Purification Technology. (2013). 116, 162-169