Dr. Chung R. Song
Assistant Professor
Phone: 662-915-1646
Fax: 662-915-5523
Web: http://www.engineering.olemiss.edu/~csong
Office: Carrier Hall
Ph.D.: Louisiana State
Areas: analysis of geotechnical structures using nano-micro-macro theories, modeling soils using coupled theory of mixtures, calibration chamber testing, soil dynamics and geoacoustics, soil-structure interaction, in situ and laboratory testing, geotechnical instrumentation, and pavement related geotechnical engineering
Publications (5 Recent)
  • "Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation Using Piezocone Results" , Song, C.R. and Pulijala, S. , J. of GEED, ASCE , under review
  • "Bridging Molecular, Particulate and Continuum Mechanics for Geomechanics Application" , Song, C.R., Cho, H., Jung, Y-H., Cheng, A. H.-D. and Al-Ostaz, A. , J. of GEED, ASCE , under review
  • "Laboratory Evaluation of Soil Permeability for Sand Using Biotís Acoustic Wave Propagation Theory" , Kim, J.W. and Song, C.R. , Journal of KGS , Vol.24, No.8, pp.5-12
  • "Determination of Soil Permeability Using an Acoustic Technique" , Song, C. R. and Kim, J. W. , J. of GEED, ASCE , in press
  • "Analytical Observation of Micro-Mechanical Interactions in Plasticity of Saturated Soils" , Song, C.R. and Voyiadjis, G.Z. , International Journal of Plasticity , in press