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What Is It?

Our target audience is the high-school gal that may not be sure if she can or wants to have a science-related career. We have found that many students do not know what engineers do (which is everything) and what each major can do upon graduation (which is anything). Using both students and faculty from every department in the School of Engineering, we field questions from "What is college like?" to "How do I pay for it?" to "What would my job be like?" For one Friday, gals get to see what college is like when you are an engineer through presentations and tours. We toss in some fun with games and food, of course!

Including poor performers and disadvantaged populations, we have reached out to over 50 schools in the past decade and as many as 70 gals a year. We have inspired great engineers from all over Mississippi. We certainly enjoy seeing our attendees come back to Ole Miss Engineering and telling us how much they learned (and enjoyed) this experience.

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How Can I Help?

There are three ways that you can help our relatively small group reach out to the entire region:

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