Dear Engineering Alumni
and Friends,

As we prepare for the 110th anniversary of the School of Engineering, let me use this opportunity to quiz you a little on some facts about the school:


    1. Which Ole Miss engineering degree has the second largest undergraduate enrollment in all U.S. programs of its kind?

    2. Which Ole Miss engineering department has a higher percentage of its faculty as IEEE Fellows than that of top schools such as MIT?

    3. Which engineering department has one-fourth of its undergraduate students enrolled in the Honors College and more than one-fourth of its graduates in the last 20 years who earned a doctorate?

    4. Which department has received millions of dollars in grants to conduct research in areas of nanotechnology?

    5. Which department is playing a major role in assisting the state of Mississippi in developing its manufacturing industry?

    6. Which department has trained a relatively large percentage of minority master's/Ph.D. degree students?

    7. Which degree program has produced students who took diverse career paths that led to positions such as director of the Kennedy Space Center, U.S. attorney, medical doctors and NFL player?

    1. The geological engineering degree program boasts the second largest undergraduate enrollment after the program at the Colorado School of Mines.

    2. Forty-five percent, or five out of 11, of electrical engineering faculty members are IEEE Fellows (among the highest professional honors for electrical engineers).

    3. Chemical engineering is full of examples of excellence in academic accomplishment, including graduates who became provost or chancellor of well-known schools such as the University of California at Berkeley, Louisiana State University and University of Tennessee.

    4. A bit of a surprise, it is the civil engineering department that is applying high-tech nanotechnology to low-tech areas (infrastructure, cement, geomaterials).

    5. Closely tied to the Center for Manufacturing Excellence, the mechanical engineering department offers a manufacturing concentration to train future manufacturing engineers.

    6. The computer and information science department's graduate program has enrolled/graduated a fairly large percentage of African American students.

    7. The Bachelor of Engineering program has produced ROTC officers, lawyers, physicians, engineering and technology business owners, and top technology/engineering organization managers.

I look forward to seeing you at the 110th anniversary celebration and chatting with you.


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Alex Cheng
Dean of the School of Engineering