UM and South Korean University Create Educational Partnership

November 2009 By

OXFORD, Miss. - The University of Mississippi expanded its global presence Monday (Nov. 9) with the signing of a formal partnership with Hanbat National University in South Korea.

Dong-Ho Sul, president of Hanbat, and several of the university's deans and officials were on hand for the ceremony. "I believe this agreement will be profitable and beneficial for both universities," Sul said.

The program will enable Hanbat students to attend the South Korean university for two years and UM for two years while earning a dual degree. The South Korean university specializes in the fields of engineering and business and has been sending students from those fields to Ole Miss since 2002 to participate in the intensive English program, Sul said.

"Our expectation is that this joint partnership we are entering into today will provide great dividends not only to the Hanbat students but also to the University of Mississippi," said Larry Ridgeway, UM vice chancellor of student affairs.

The university's engineering and business programs will benefit from the inclusion of South Korean students in those fields, and the university as a whole will continue to build international partnerships in a world that is growing more and more global, he said.

During a luncheon honoring the new collaboration, Lydia Jones, wife of UM Chancellor Dan Jones, toasted the new agreement in both Korean and English. The Joneses spent time living in South Korea near the hometowns of some of the visiting South Korean educators. "In the years to come, may our universities collaborate closely and in true partnership," she said.

Sul and the other South Korean educators spent time visiting the UM schools of Engineering and Business Administration as well as the UM offices of International Programs and Student Affairs during their daylong trip to campus.

Sul said his university is very pleased to expand the relationship with UM particularly because it fits with his university's two goals of collaborating with industry and embracing globalization.

Hanbat National University is in Daejeon, South Korea. Established in 1927, the university is home to nearly 10,000 students and offers degrees in engineering, humanities, and economics and commerce, as well as industry, information, and communications and entrepreneurial management.

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