Pultrusion Lab
pultrusion machine front view pultrusion machine side view

The Composite Materials Research Group (CMRG) at the University of Mississippi is widely recognized as the premier academic research program in the area of pultrusion manufacturing. The CMRG utilizes its commercial pultrusion production facilities to conduct experiments for characterization of the pultrusion process. The CMRG's PTI Pulstar 804 pultruder, equipped with a computer controlled data acquisition system, provides the unique opportunity for researchers at the University of Mississippi to be involved in both theoretical and experimental pultrusion process development and to perform tests on pultruded product produced under carefully controlled processing conditions. The CMRG has manufacturing experience with a wide variety of resins and reinforcements including epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester, phenolic, BMI, cyanate ester, E-glass, S-glass, and graphite.