Setting up AutoCAD
If you are a Mac user and are in ENGR 207...

You will be using DreamSpark to obtain a free, legal license for the Microsoft Windows operating system. More detailed steps are as follows:

  1. To manually activate your Dreamspark account, click this link.
  2. Then click the "Sign In" link in the top right corner.
  3. On this page, click the "Register" button toward the bottom of the page.
  4. In the username field type your Ole Miss email address (the full email address), then click continue.

Using these instructions should allow you to activate your account. After that, you will then download and install Apple Bootcamp to partition your hard drive into two separate systems so you can install and set up Microsoft Windows onto one of the partitions.

If you are a Windows user needing help installing AutoCAD, start here:

After this, you should be ready to boot into Windows and download and install AutoCAD. More detailed steps are as follows:

  1. To begin the process, click this link.
  2. Then click the "Create Account" link, fill out the form, and press "Next".
  3. Click the link contained in your email and sign in again.
  4. From the dropdowns, select "AutoCAD 2015", "English", and "Windows 64-bit".
  5. Press "Install Now" and accept the agreement.
  6. The download should begin automatically. Once the installer is finished downloading, click the download to launch it. From there, follow the directions in the install process.

If you do not understand these processes, Google is your best friend for learning how to do it. If in the end, you still do not feel comfortable doing this, we have worked a deal with a local computer company named Computers Express, located on Jackson Avenue by the Noodle Bowl, across the street from Papa John's. They have been setting up the Bootcamp and Windows part of this process for our students for a flat fee of $65. They will need the product key license number for Microsoft Windows 7 from your DreamSpark account.