1. The Department welcomes Dr. Dwight Waddell as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining us, Dr. Waddell was a tenured Associate Professor in the School of Applied Sciences. Dr. Waddell brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Signal Processing.
  2. Dr. Alex Yakovlev made an invited presentation at the University Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, “Artificial Materials with Practical Microwave and Terahertz Applications,” 30 September, 2013. On this trip, he also did a short course on Homogenization Concepts and Analytical Models for Wire-Media Metamaterials with Microwave and Terahertz Applications, Armenia, Colombia, 30 September – 4 October, 2013.
  3. Dr. Richard Gordon received the School Engineering Service Award for 2012. He was presented the award by Dean Alex Cheng during the SoE fall faculty meeting in December 2012.
  4. Dr. Atef Elsherbeni retired from Ole Miss and took up the Dobelman Chair Professor position at Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO. He plans to continue doing research with his current Ph.D. students in EE and also plans to collaborate with the department faculty. The department wishes Professor Emeritus Elsherbeni all the best in his new position.
  5. Dr. Fan Yang, Associate Professor of EE, resigned from his position to assume a permanent position as a Professor in Tsinghua University, China. The department wishes Dr. Yang all the best in his new assignment.
  6. The Department is offering a Biomedical Engineering emphasis in BSEE program, starting fall 2013. In the very first semester, we have 6 EE students registered for this emphasis.
  7. Xilinix has donated to the Department 14 quantities of Nexys 4 FPGA boards and associated software for our digital systems laboratories. With this our EE students will be able to learn to use state-of-the-art equipment in digital system design. We are very thankful to Mr. Greer Person for making this possible.
  8. The department has purchased 20 Analog Discovery boards from Digilent. These boards will be used by the Introduction to EE students for wiring and testing simple electrical/electronics circuits.
  9. We acquired 3 quantities of Biopac Student Lab System and a software license for the new Biomedical Measurements Lab offered by Dr. Waddell.
Alumni News

Our alumni and EAB members have been helping the Department in many ways. We would like to extend our appreciation to Bill Dykeman, Greer Person, Neal Rich, Vince Rodriguez, and Steve Smith. Father and daughter team, Tim and Sarah Farris gave a nice presentation to the EL E 235 class last Spring semester. The students enjoyed their presentation which included the discussion of various career opportunities for EE graduates and the perspectives of recent (Sarah) and not-so recent (Tim) Ole Miss graduates.

Students Corner
The EE department hosted a reception for all EL E 100-Introduction to Electrical Engineering students and the general engineering (BE) students this fall. The event was co-sponsored by the Ole Miss Student Chapter of IEEE. The event was well attended by all EE faculty, staff, and freshman and transfer students.