EE Department News Bytes (Fall 2007)

  • Dr. Fan Yang, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Dr. Atef Elsherbeni, Professor of Electrical Engineering, are collaborating with Dr. Jon Huang from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA on a NASA project to design a new tri-band flat reflectarray antenna. Dr. Elsherbeni recently presented the latest design at the ICEAA conference in Torino, Italy.

  • Two members of the EE RFID research group, Drs. Atef Elsherbeni and Fan Yang, visited Tampere University of Technology in Finland to continue the group collaborative work with the RFID group in Finland. The Ole Miss RFID group was successful in designing a omni-directional tags that are currently being used in the paper mill industry in Finland.

  • Dr. Alexander Yakovlev, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, presented an invited talk entitled “Complex Frequency-Plane Branch-Point Singularities with Applications in Transient Electromagnetics” at the Technical University of Cartagena, in Cartagena, Spain.

  • Markeeva A. Morgan (BSEE 2001) has received the 2007 Outstanding Young Alumni Award awarded by the University of Mississippi Alumni Association. He has also recently received the Navy Commendation Medal and the 2007 Federal Engineer of the Year award for his contributions to the Navy’s submarine program.

  • Prof. Jiro Hirokawa of the Tokyo Institute of Technology recently visited the EE department and presented a graduate seminar entitled “MoM Analysis Using Numerical Eigen-Mode Basis Functions for Crossed and Round-Ended Slots on Wavegide, and Single-Layer Slotted Waveguide Array Antennas for Polarization Division Duplex Based on Their Low Cross Polarization.”

  • Prof. Jerry Harris of Stanford University presented the Ole Miss School of Engineering Woods Order Distinguished Lecture entitled “Industry and Academia: Essential Partners for a Sustainable Earth” this past spring. Prof. Harris is a University of Mississippi electrical engineering alumnus (BSEE 1973) and is currently Director of the Center for Computational Earth and Environmental Science at Stanford University.