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Engineering Alumni Chapter

Engineering Alumni Chapter

Much like the Engineering Advisory Board, the Engineering Alumni Chapter is designed to help advance the engineering school at the University of Mississippi and maintain programs of excellence and a posture of leadership in engineering education. However, the Engineering Alumni Chapter does not require a specific appointment or nomination. It is open to all University of Mississippi School of Engineering graduates and encourages participation at all levels.

The Engineering Alumni Chapter consists of a president, a vice president and a secretary, along with nine other members. These 12, in conjunction with the UM Alumni Association, the director of development and the dean of the School of Engineering, work to promote public relations pertaining to engineering and to promote communications between alumni, students, and the faculty of the School of Engineering. If you or someone you know is interested in serving in this capacity or just desires to know more about this area, please contact Director of Development Denson Hollis, with your inquiry.


The engineering alumni of The University of Mississippi Alumni Association, in order to promote the welfare of The University of Mississippi, to foster and increase the affection that exists between the University and its alumni to the end that through their united efforts The University of Mississippi may develop into a greater educational institution which will serve the people of Mississippi with ever increasing effectiveness, do ordain and promulgate this charter constitution of The University of Mississippi Alumni Association.

All of the officers of the Engineering Alumni Chapter and the Board of Directors are separately charged with the primary duty of promoting the best interests of the Engineering Alumni Chapter, the Alumni Association, and the University of Mississippi.

Board of Directors

The purpose of this organization is to deal with matters which pertain to engineering alumni, to promote understanding between The University of Mississippi and the engineering alumni in conjunction with The University of Mississippi Alumni Association, to promote public relations pertaining to engineering, to promote communications between alumni, students and faculty of the School of Engineering at The University of Mississippi. The activities of this organization will be conducted in the best interest of the Alumni Association of the University of Mississippi