Academic Programs at the School
Engineering Curricula 1900-Present
1900CE, EE, Mining
1907CE, EE, Municipal and Sanitary
1916CE, EE
1929CE, ChE, EE, General
1933CE, Ch.E, General
1946CE (Construction and Municipal), ChE, Engr. Admin., GE
1952CE (Construction and Municipal), ChE, Engr. Admin., GE, ME
1953CE (Construction and Municipal), ChE, GE, ME
1956CE, ChE, GE, ME
1957CE, ChE, EE, GE, ME
1972BE, CE, ChE, EE, GE, ME
1973 to presentBE, CE, CSCI, ChE, EE, GE, ME

Academic programs have undergone many changes during the 75 year history of the school. In 1900, programs in civil, electrical, and mining engineering were organized. Mining engineering never really got started and was abolished in 1906 to be replaced by a program in municipal and sanitary engineering. This latter program was subsequentially dropped in 1916. In 1929, new programs in chemical engineering and general engineering were initiated. The purpose of the general engineering program was

  1. to provide the student with fundamentals in engineering, and
  2. to either provide training in economics pointing to a course in management or more training in science for a particular specialization.

It was characterized by a large number of electives. Electrical engineering was dropped in 1933 and was reinstated in 1957. In 1946, the program in general engineering was dropped, programs in geological engineering and engineering administration started, and the civil engineering program offered options in construction and municipal engineering. In 1952, the mechanical engineering program was started. In 1953, the engineering administrative program was dropped and in 1956, the option in civil engineering was dropped. In 1972, a Bachelor of Engineering program was started. This program was designed for the students who desire a technical background but do not have as their objective the practice of the profession of engineering. This serves as a good background for students such as those in pre-law, or pre-medicine, or for students desiring to get into technical writing or technical sales. In 1973, the School of Engineering initiated a computer science program. A summary showing engineering offerings throughout the history of the Engineering School till the mid 1970's is presented in the table above. The programs have not changed since the mid 1970's.

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