The School of Engineering at the University of Mississippi was set up in 1900, making it the oldest engineering school in Mississippi. But, engineering can be found in the first days of university - over 50 years earlier. Over the decades, the school has grown - with seven departments, a diverse faculty and student body, and alumni excelling in public and private fields.

1848The University of Mississippi, the first public university in the state, opened. It had 80 students and four faculty members, including a civil engineer.
1850The University of Mississippi given the prime responsibility for undertaking the first State Geological Survey.
1900The School of Engineering at the University of Mississippi officially established, including civil and electrical engineering programs.
1929Chemical engineering department established.
1946Geological engineering department established.
1952Mechanical engineering department established.
1956Jess Woods became the first Rhodes Scholar from the School of Engineering.
1961Barbara Kerr Beckmann became the school’s first woman graduate, with a degree in chemical engineering.
1969Edgar Lee Caples was the first African American to graduate from the school, earning a degree in electrical engineering.
1972Bachelor of Engineering program established.
1973Computer science department established.
1983Dr. Martha William joined the school as the first African-American professor.
1991The University of Mississippi became a founding institution of the Mississippi Space Grant Consortium.
1996Steven Hester became the first Goldwater Scholar from the School of Engineering.
2007Alumnus Bill Parsons named director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
2008The Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence opened, with more than half of its students from the School of Engineering.
2009Engineers without Borders student chapter started, with the first trip to Togo in 2012.
2017Biomedical engineering department established.